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Vintage Heaters

Are you looking for a vintage heater that can heat your home room bed room or home milkhouse up to 1500 watts? look no further than the 666 utility heater! This device comes with a 1500 watts of power, so you can easily heat up the space you need to. Plus, the super-negligible size (less than 1” tall by 1” wide) makes it perfect for small spaces.

Portable Tested
Vintage Big Heat Model: 6200 6
Tombstone Style Works

Arvin Heaters

I’ve just been using the arvin heaters for a few days and they are really alittle too cold for my taste. i’ve tried using the heaters in the summertime and they just don’t seem to turn up the heat as much as they do in the winter. maybe i’m just not pushing the heaters in the summer enough and maybe it is just because i’m not very efficient at the cold weather side of things. but I think I might be going back to using the warm up books for my heat up needs. I think I might just need about 10 warm up books to get me evenready for the winter. thanks for the opportunity to share your thoughts on the matter.

Arvin Electric Heater

The arvin electric heater is a classic true value product that comes with a 1500 watt power capacity. This heater can help leave your home more inviting with its forced radiant space technology. Additionally, the heater has a self-start system that makes it easy to get going. this arvin metal space heater works perfectly and can heat up to 65 degrees per minute! This is a powerful tool for any home or office atmosphere. The arvin model 55241 mcm is perfect for any groovy music loving person or any type of home or office climate. This space heater can heat up to 65 degrees per minute which is powerful enough to give you the energy you need to have a hot place to live. This arvin metal space heater is a must have for any office, home, or any other climate. this is a classic arvin heater company product. It's a vintage blue flame heater that he bought from a store in london. Arvin heater companies makes many different type of heaters and fire starters. This heater is made in england, so it's untested and may not be reliable. If you're looking for a reliable heater, we recommend checking out another arvin company. this vintage arvin electric heater is a work of art! Made from green-hued metal, it has a very clean look and feel. The top corners are careys bay blue, while the bottom has a slightly more mellow color of green. The recycled no. Of poles is 0. Thisarvinheater also comes with a few lightly usedazi cards.