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Bionaire Heater

This bionaire heater has a m-l motion detector to provide 800 feet of watts of heat per day. Plus, this has a personal detector that will track your expenditure and temperature. This will help you to keep your home comfortable and safe.

Fan 2000 W Hot And Cold Fan Heater

Heater Fan 2000 W Hot

By Bionaire


Bionaire Heaters

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Bionaire Space Heater

The bionaire instant comfort infrared heater is perfect for space heating needs. It is easy to set up and doesn't require any installations or tools. The heater can heat up to 0-2 degrees celsius and can provide heat & cooling services for your home. the bionaire bch9221 is a ceramic tower electric heater that is designed to function as an oscillating heater. It is one of the most popular options on the market, thanks to its excellent performance and simple to operate. The heater can be set to heat up to 30 degrees celsius, making it the perfect choice for any home or office. the bionaire console heater is a high-quality and efficient heater that uses bionaire's own unique console to manage heating and cooling. This means that you can enjoy consistent hot and cold temperatures day or night, which is perfect for a large or multi-unit home. The bionaire console heater is designed with a modern look in mind, so you'll be able to keep your home looking polished and modern. With a price of £439. 99, the bionaire console heater is a great option for a professional home or home based business. the bionaire silent micathermic 1500w console heater is the perfect device for those who need an ultrasonic micathermic heater to continue heating their space without having to constantly move the heater. This heater is designed to be used in single or double-unit applications and can heat up to 1500 degrees f in just 15 minutes. The bionaire microthermal console heater is also a great choice for those who need an heater that is quiet, but doesn't need as much power, and can heat up to 2500 degrees f in just 10 minutes.